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About The Edge Verdicts & Settlements

Welcome to The Edge Verdicts and Settlements Database! After a long two and a half years of diligent work, all of the verdicts and settlements that have been reported to us since the inception of The Edge have been verified and supplemented and now, we finally present to you the first ever compilation of verdicts and settlements that have been obtained by using The Edge methods.

The Edge verdicts and settlements database contains cases that are not accessible on legal verdict and settlement analyzers such as LexisNexis or Westlaw. With The Edge Verdicts and Settlements Database, you will now have a more direct line to your fellow Woodpeckers who have already tried cases that are similar to your own and have succeeded using the Reptile method.

The verdict and settlement results that you report are no longer merely a testament to the workings of The Edge. Now it is also an invaluable tool for you to continue, and to improve, earning verdicts and settlements.